1. Okay, let’s get this Christmas thing rolling. 

    Holiday gifts part UNO: kiwi-kamikaze, crimsonpro, and Slider-chan since I accidentally resized her image before I could print it out and send it to her by mail because I’m terrible.
    Thank you so much for the requests. You all have hella good taste, and I hope I interpreted them correctly. I’m not trying to be polite in the least when I say I had fun with these. Tried to go for a Maya Takamura-esque style with the Medi.EXE illustration. And OMG, Roll and Ice Man I will just die thank you you’re welcome good night.

    More to come when I know people have received their snail mail cards. 

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    9. crimsonpro said: omg thank you, I almost screamed of joy when I saw this.
    10. digitallyfanged said: Oh my goose, these are LOVELY. The Medi’s style is really different, and I like it!
    11. whenredsunmeetsbluemoon said: Thank you again, Maya!
    12. kiwi-kamikaze said: My heart is exploding. Thank you so much! They’re waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too adorable. I won’t be needing anything cute for the next 5 months.