1. kiwi-kamikaze said: Any thoughts on Azure Striker Gunvolt? Also, do you have a favorite Maverick?

    I don’t want to judge before I’ve seen more or played it, so keep in mind, everything I say past this point is knee-jerk reaction and may change with time.

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  2. 21:28 20th Jul 2014

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    daheatman said: 日本語の勉強となると、どんな方法が好き?そして、何が大切だと思う?ぼくは長年勉強していて、もうダメだとは言えない。けど、それにしても、ああはっきりわかったっていう気分はない。rnnさんもそんな気持ちにあったことはある?

    Sorry this is in English. If I responded in Japanese, I’d never get through this.

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  3. 19:53

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    coralian-kaiju said: What will be your reaction if you saw Lumine wearing a suit?

    That seems appropriate actually. He’s introduced as a director after all.

  4. Anonymous said: Favorite thing about Axl and Jewel Man?

    Axl: His appeal, for me anyway, is that he’s got one of the more balanced personalities as far as MMX characters go. Yeah, he’s the newbie Cousin Oliver trope everyone loves to hate, except that he’s supremely competent with laser focus. He’s troubled by his lack of memories from before a certain point - we know next to nothing about him - but he’s not consumed by this. He doesn’t brood. He puts his malaise aside to focus on the present. And like, sure, he adds a kind of cutesy levity to the X series with youth and bravado, but his upbeat personality isn’t jarring; it’s tempered by his share of mystery and tragedy. People like to pretend he’s like this out of control kid, but really, how many times has he actually not taken his work seriously?

    Jewel: This is really shallow, but the white, pink, and light blue color combination sums it up. It’s like, “Yooooo check out this Robot Master! It was made for me!”

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    heatphoenix said: Favorite Gundam-type (so Mobile Suits?) robot?

    My favorite Gundam is Kamen Rider Zangetsu :|

  6. 23:40 19th Jul 2014

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    rickz0r said: Top 5 favorite robots from any series?

    Ah, this is tough to answer. I guess I’ll approach this from a most inspiring/favorite designs angle? Some of these are not true robots, but they’ve significantly shaped my preferred mecha/robo aesthetic anyway. No particular order.

    1. Big O - Big O. It took a while to get used to this kind of mecha, what with the bombardment of Gundam and Gundam-like designs. But once I saw it in motion, loved it. First series with robots that actually felt like they had the proper weight and range of articulation. The art deco influences are great.
    2. Melan Blue - Brigadoon. Thanks Brigadoon, now I’ll never be able to see real, human guys as attractive.
    3. Vic Viper - Gradius
    4. Eva 01 - Evangelion. How Gainax took and unconventional color scheme like purple and neon green on a robot - on arguably the most important robot in the series - and still managed to make it look amazing is enough reason to put it in top 5. 
    5. Oh uh, ffff, I don’t know. Zero. Great design. Not the best one in MM or even just in the X series, but those later designs probably wouldn’t have been as good without having that precedent.

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    Anonymous said: axlred is like my Life

    I sent an anon ask to myself apparently.

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    stkreuz said: what's the last bad experience you had with food?

    Are you my roommate? I seriously thought you were making fun of me for a second. This is the most relevant question right now. I’m trying to figure out whether it was the Chinese food I had yesterday or eating Reese’s Puffs cereal for nearly all meals for a week that did me in.

    I know what you’re thinking:|

  9. 18:02

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    Anonymous said: How do you deal with hangovers?

    Not drinking.

  10. Okay, I give. I think we’re due for another step-by-step process post. 
    Original sketch is little sister’s. She has a dangerously cute style, and this was her first attempt at a robot afaik. Pretty darn good, right?

    Also, guess who’s got a cute new icon? Yep, that’s me.